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SNOOTS – BBQ & TACOS : Community Restaurant & Farm Ecosystem

Help us build a restaurant & community farm ecosystem in the Kennebec River Valley!

“For the first time in my career, I have the opportunity to breathe life into a restaurant that is not chasing trends or profit, that is humble in its creativity, that honors the ingredients it uses & the community it serves, a restaurant that has no choice other than to represent a people, a place, a community, a way of life.”

Chef Johan Paul

What we want to do:

The property we would like to buy was a former restaurant, that still has a majority of the original kitchen equipment still inside. It also features a large warehouse and outdoor cooking area. A beautiful riverfront gem. The only issue with this location is the highly seasonal local economy.

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Community Funding:

As for raising funds, part of that is done through the sales of clothing and accessories while the others come through advertising revenue (just visiting our site helps) and direct donations. The direct donations are basically like Kickstarter or GoFundMe but since it’s direct to our PayPal account, we avoid the fees associated with crowdfunding sites.

Our Plan:

The first stage is to get enough to secure the property with additional financing from the bank. Depending on how things go over the next year (our time frame for the first stage), the remaining stages could change. In an ideal world, we’d have enough to purchase the property outright and never have to worry about missing payments and losing the business. All we’d have to worry about at that point would be normal operating costs and growing for the future.

Community Commitment:

To show our commitment to our communities, we will always and forever donate at LEAST 10 percent of all profits that our company receives. It will vary of course, but will never be less than what we promise to give.

Help build a restaurant & community farm ecosystem!

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SNOOTS – BBQ & TACOS : Community Restaurant & Farm Ecosystem

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