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The property we would like to buy was a former restaurant, that still has a majority of the original kitchen equipment still inside. It also features a large warehouse and outdoor cooking area. A beautiful riverfront gem. The only issue with this location is the highly seasonal local economy.

This is where the business begins to diversify. There are two main components of the business beyond the restaurant. The first is the apparel and accessories that are featured on our site. The other is the ‘food lab’ that will be responsible for developing food products for retail sale, both through our website and eventually other retailers. These products could be regular productions or small-batch preorders.

These two ventures will allow for some financial flexibility in the off-season when we’re ‘down south’ in Massachusetts/Rhode Island working charity events with the Rhode Island Community Kitchen. That organization actually helped start our Chef on the journey to being a talented culinary artist. This will hopefully bring some extra business to the area in Maine when the restaurant is open during peak spring/summer months through the connections we’ll be able to make. In short, it’s a many-layered approach to help increase our chances of beating the odds by being successful and staying in business for many years.

Those are what you could say are the immediate plans. We would also like to see a local farmers/makers market, maybe even some food trucks or something similar, fundraising events and even weddings.

SNOOTS will serve fresh, local and thoughtfully crafted food in a true rural beauty in the Kennebec River Valley.

SNOOTS will be accessible and participate in the community. Fresh, local and honestly prepared food cannot be just about making a profit. We will offer a substantial resident discount. Our core principle: the ability of our community to partake in SNOOTS – BBQ & TACOS will never be limited by household income. We will also be partnering with local food banks & charitable organizations to help get Maine families to get fed at home too!

SNOOTS will truly embrace “farm to table” and “local”, with abundant access to farm-fresh, local organic produce as well as 4000 sq. ft. of additional space to accommodate a raised bed garden right behind the restaurant!

SNOOTS – BBQ & TACOS will provide professional culinary training and opportunities at no cost to local residents. In fact, a big part of the SNOOTS mission is paying this forward for the young people in the community. We received our start through a community kitchen culinary training program, so we know exactly the kind of impact these types of opportunities can provide.

Help build a restaurant & community farm ecosystem!

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