Shop Vendor Application

So you want to sell your product with The Shop @ SNOOTS? That’s wonderful! Before you sign up, there are a few things you need to know.

  1. It will cost you exactly $0 to sell your Maine made products in The Shop. This may change in the future to continue providing a superior service to our friends.
  2. We only charge a 15% transaction fee per sale. This helps us cover costs and leaves a little left over to help us build our community. As we get more vendors this will decrease.
  3. All accounts & products must be approved by SNOOTS management before they will appear for sale in The Shop.
  4. Banned items? We’re pretty relaxed when it comes to most things, but we do have one rule. No politics or religion, leave that at home where it belongs. Other than that, if you can sell it on Instagram you can sell it with us.

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