Step 2: SNOOTS Business Plan

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Step 2: SNOOTS Business Plan

Successful businesses are built through careful planning. Before committing a significant amount of money or other resources toward our community goals take a look at our game plan.

Product Development
SNOOTS is about bringing extraordinary flavors that are normally high-end and costly to the normal everyday tables in our communities. We do this through sharing community recipes, making & selling small batch food items, retail sales, a future restaurant & community farm and giving back to our communities.

Sales & Marketing
Maine has a special place in many people’s hearts. Whether it’s the call of the wild or maybe just family roots, a quick look at social media will show you just how poplar the ‘Pine Tree State’ really is with the people.

We reward our loyal community members with discounts and giveaways from many different Maine based products. All while donating a portion of all sales to ending hunger & poverty.

People and Partnerships
Currently we are operating as an online business utilizing on demand printing & dropship services. Eventually we would like to purchase a property on Route 201 that will allow for warehouse AND kitchen space plus a working restaurant. At that time we’ll be hiring for a multitude of roles from maintenance to accounting. We could do many of these jobs ourselves and probably be pretty darn good at it, but that doesn’t create jobs now does it?

Our professional relationships span the country, though mostly New England based, and transcend our industry. Essentially we make friends easily and are fiercely loyal to hard working honest people.

Financial Planning
Currently our operating costs are under $100 per month. And ever since our founder quit smoking, that cost is easily covered. To expand and grow our business we will be needing financial support from our friends and communities. A current list of fundraising activities can be found in ‘Help Us Build’.

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